ONEBEAT-X1gaming speaker pumps out some preorder jams

CompuExpert’s Divoom ONEBEAT-X1 bluetooth speaker aims to take portable gaming sounds to new levels boasting compatability with just about anything.

Though the ONEBEAT is touted as a bluetooth device, it also comes complete with a standard 3.5mm audio jack. So basically anything that can accept a pair or headphones, even if said gadget isn’t bluetooth capable, can make good use of Divoom’s latest.

The ONEBEAT-X1 also features something called ‘vibration bass’ which produces “shakes and vibrations in reaction to gameplay audio and music playback.” That’s a pretty neat idea; even cooler is that the ONEBEAT attaches to the backside of any device (that’s large enough) via a suction cup. So you can rattle your bones from your hands on up.

You’ll reportedly get up to 8 hours of playback on a full charge of the speaker’s built in lithium ion battery, which is pretty nice, and the little guy recharges via a micro USB cable.

CompuExpert’s Divoom ONEBEAT-X1 is available for preorder right now (in either black or white) from Amazon, GameStop, NewEgg, and NCIX

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