Original Xbox One has finished its run

Say so long to the original Xbox One form factor. Well, unless you’re going to Gamestop anyway. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of used ones laying around.

Xbox forever

Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One will have been through two hardware revisions by the time this autumn rolls around. You might think that’s a lot, but the PS4 has done exactly the same. It’s also kind of hard to believe that both consoles originally launched in 2014, basically four years ago. If console-cycle thinking holds up, then that means that we can start looking towards successor talk sometime next year.

Then again, this fall’s Xbox One X might preclude that. So might the PS4 Pro for that matter. And that’d mean that the current cycle could look a lot like the last one, which would result in an 8 year (give or take) run for the current generation. If that’s the case, then we shouldn’t expect to see a further evolution till around 2020/21.

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But let’s put prognostication and forethought aside, cause we’re not talking future here.

This news bit is all about the first Xbox One body type. You remember it? The one with (and without) the Kinect? That’s the one. As of this week, it’s history. Decommissioned by Microsoft, the first-run Xbox One has ceased production according to a Microsoft rep.

Talking to Rolling Stone’s website Glixel, the representative confirmed that the new XO’s stopped rolling off the assembly line when the Xbox One S was introduced last year. So if you dig that older, larger body type… well number one – why? But number two, you’ll have to get one used (sorry, preowned) from now on. Or, at least, when the current stock runs out you will. I have to imagine there are more than a few still out there in an unopened state after all.

Once that happens though, prospective Xbox One gamers will have to grab an S model. Or they could just hang on a few months. Remember that the X launches this November, and it’s looking to be significantly more powerful than not just the S, but everything else out there in console-land at present.

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Source: Glixel

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