OUYA to have SNES and NES emulation on day one

Well, this certainly isn’t something you’d expect to see broadcast all over the place, now is it?

OUYA (pronounced OOO-Yah) is expected to be around the same size as a Rubik’s cube.

Apparently, the upcoming, open-source and Android powered console OUYA will have downloadable emulators capable of running SNES and NES games on day one.

If you’re saying ‘isn’t that illegal?’ right now, it’s totally understandable. And it probably is, but the law aside, Nintendo is probably firing up their own legal team as we speak. As MCV points out, they’re probably going to be none to happy that a competitor is allowing for free downloading of their classic back-catalog of games, while they themselves are selling said games.

As I understand it (and don’t take this as the letter of the law, because I’m no legal eagle) hosting an emulator isn’t technically illegal, but downloading and running the copyrighted software most definitely is. Being that the OUYA is open sourced and readily accepting of user created material, I have no idea how the company would go about policing emulators.

I suppose the best they could do is pull any emulation software as soon as it posts- that’s similar to what Apple does with it’s iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad. As far as Android, as MCV also points out, it’s kind of a free-for-all over there.

Well, one things for sure, OUYA should have a pretty fun launch.

Source: MCV

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