Over 9000 Zombies! marching on Steam

The indie game about the zombie apocalypse will be storming Steam soon.

Oh that zombie apocalypse, always just on the horizon, always just around the bend… in Over 9000 Zombies! the apocalypse has arrived yet again and you’re gonna have to clean house.

A top-down shooter in the classic style, O9Z is all about wanton destruction and the zombicide of as many rotters as you can plug full of lead. The game comes out of indie developer Loren Lemcke and the UK based publisher Mastertronic and is looking pretty darned fun as you can peep in the trailer. I’m a sucker for old school games like this, and it looks like Over 9000 Zombies! hits all the high marks and then some.

Though the game might look simple, it’s actually pretty well stocked with stuff to do. You can not only blast away at the hordes in the retro-style levels, but also construct a ‘fortified’ base for yourself and engage in a little multiplayer zed stomping thanks to online co-op support. Oh, and there’s also dog poo. Zombie dog poo to be exact. How’s that for original?

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Look for Over 9000 Zombies! to arrive on Steam Early Access this July.

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