Overwatch 2 executive producer is leaving Blizzard this week

Sojourn and her railgun steps onto the stage in Overwatch 2

Blizzard is losing another one of its Overwatch 2 leading members later this week. As confirmed by Bloomberg, the executive producer on Overwatch 2, Chacko Sonny, is leaving the team on Friday. According to the report, Sonny didn’t explain in an email to his co-workers why he was departing the company. However, he did include that his five years at Blizzard “has been an absolute privilege and one of the best experiences of my career.”

It’s hard to say at the moment if Sonny’s departure puts Overwatch 2‘s development in a bind. The team had already lost its leader, and face of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan. He took off long before Activision Blizzard was hit by the explosive lawsuit alleging harassment and discrimination by the company’s leadership. Kaplan left Overwatch co-founder Aaron Keller in charge. Since then, the team has been working on the game. Next week, Blizzard will reveal more Overwatch 2 details in an update.


The update will be the first bit of news surrounding Overwatch 2 in quite some time. It’s unlikely that Kaplan leaving was the cause for things going quiet for a while. Overwatch 2 is still being worked on, and its release date is yet to be clarified. However, since the filing of the lawsuit, we’ve experienced a lot of silence and changes around the company. CEO Bobby Kotick promised that a lot of inappropriate in-game content would be removed. Such content was taken out of World of Warcraft. And soon Overwatch‘s McCree will be called something else after his namesake, Jesse McCree was fired from the company in August.

overwatch 2 executive producer leaving blizzard chacko sonny

Company departures increase

McCree hasn’t been the only one to hit the dusty trail. J. Allard Brack, former Blizzard president, also left in August. As reported by Bloomberg, the company also lost its lawyer, Claire Hart, last week, and CPO Claudine Naughten is leaving before October.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t officially announced that the Overwatch 2 executive producer is leaving. However, the co-leaders who stepped in after Brack’s departure, Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra, said he was “a thoughtful leader.”

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