Overwatch goes free-to-play for two weeks to celebrate the holidays

Overwatch goes free-to-play for two weeks to celebrate the holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it is clearly time for all sorts of sales to be going on. With the Steam Winter Sale in full swing, the Epic Games Store and GOG giving away freebies, and even Humble Bundle offering its subscription at a discounted price, there is no better time for gamers to get what they want at great prices. However, if that is not enough, perhaps Blizzard can help fill the gap. If you are keen for a good time in a team-based hero shooter, Overwatch is free to play until January 4.

A free to play period is not exactly new to a game like Overwatch, but it is usually for a weekend or so. This time around, you have about two weeks to enjoy the best gaming experience Blizzard has to offer in this particular arena. There is the winter event to celebrate as well.


Jumping into the trial version of the game is no different from the full experience. You get all of the heroes, the modes, and any progress you make can be carried over to the full game if you decide to take the plunge.

An offer Blizzard hopes you can’t refuse

Blizzard is definitely dangling the carrot for those that are considering a purchase during the Overwatch free to play period. The hero shooter will be on sale during the two weeks, so you have one more incentive to join the many players already invested in Overwatch.

Overwatch Goes Free To Play For Two Weeks Until January 4

You can get the Overwatch: Legendary Edition, which comes with plenty of bonus skins and cosmetics for other Blizzard games. It will only cost you $20 USD. The standard edition is $15 USD. Those are great prices for what could be a substantially enjoyable time in the shooter.

If Overwatch going free-to-play means little to nothing for you, Blizzard and Activision have other offers on hand. Discounts for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarWorld of WarcraftDiablo 3Starcraft, and even Hearthstone card packs and Tavern Passes are all on sale at battle.net.

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