Overwatch: Over Platform

Overwatch is a vastly successful, incredibly addictive series that took PC gaming by storm at its release. However, if there is one thing we all know about Blizzard, it’s that nothing can be sold that can’t be sold to twice as many people. While those figures may not be entirely accurate, what is accurate is Blizzard confirming that they are looking into adding cross-platform play to Overwatch.

While there may not be a final verdict on the addition of
the feature, cross-play is practically an industry staple at the moment. Games such
as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds and the upcoming Call of Duty:
Modern Warfare
have cross-play added in the case of the former and set to be
featured prominently in the case of the latter.  Not to mention the fact that PlayStation’s cross-play
beta has ended, causing the industry to push the cross-play initiative.

Cross Platform
Cross-platform play visualised

It’s not hard to see why cross-play is such an attractive
feature, for players and developers. On one hand, Blizzard can earn more money
selling Overwatch to people who can’t afford a top gaming PC, but still
want to play with their friends. Then on the other, players can enjoy a fun
gaming experience with their mates that was previously locked off.  

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In a recent discussion between GameSpot and the Overwatch
principal producer Wes Yanagi, a team at Blizzard was confirmed to be
considering cross-play implementation. Unfortunately, even though Yanagi has
stated that he would love to see cross-platform play implemented, it would be a
difficult process in the best-case scenario.

Platforms Overwatch
New Overwatch Character Sigma

With Overwatch’s arrival on the Nintendo Switch and
the various character additions made to the game over the years, it is clear
that Overwatch will be around for a while still. So, it would be
fantastic to see players on every console running, jumping, flying, shooting
rockets and making salty excuses for why they couldn’t get that kill.  

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