Pacific Rim comes to Comic Con

July 11, 2013
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Kaiju are stomping all over San Diego- and you’ve gotta stop ’em!

Yep, the big beasties of Guillermo Del Toro’s robot vs giant monster action spectacle Pacific Rim have indeed arrived and laid feet all over San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium.

And of course, now that the Kaiju are here, we’re going to need some Jager pilots to stop them dead in their gigantic tracks (that they left all over the Chargers house). To that end, staff sergeant Max Johnson (which I can only assume is his real name) has a special message for would-be pilots.

So? What say you soldier? Ready to cancel the apocalypse? You can get into the fight and join in on one of the biggest movies of the year through the Pacific Rim Battle App, which you can grab right here on Google Play. Pacific Rim the movie opens in theaters this coming weekend.

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