Panoramic Edition brings both games to Steam

Panoramic Edition brings both games to Steam

Monument Valley was originally a mobile game on iOS and Android from 2014 developed by Ustwo Games. It was followed up with Monument Valley 2 in 2017, and since then, we haven’t seen much else from the series. But, as reported back in March, fans of these titles will be able to check them out on Steam soon. Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition brings both games to PC with all-new features on July 12.

At its core, the Monument Valley games are relaxing puzzlers where players morph landscapes to create new paths. Each of their levels present the player with an interesting challenge. However, it wasn’t just the puzzles themselves that scored the games praise. They also have a captivating art style that combines vibrant color schemes and minimalist 3D design. Monument Valley and its sequel both bring a unique approach to this sort of genre.


Two of the best mobile titles come to PC

Oftentimes, when a mobile game comes to PC, it can feel a bit awkward. I still have nightmares about Deus Ex: The Fall to this day. However, some mobile games truly feel at home on PC and can even be improved in comparison to their portable versions. Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition seems to be a case of the latter.

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition contains many improvements to the games. The first and most obvious is that it now supports HD resolutions. It’ll also support 21:9 ultrawide displays, which should make the game look even more impressive. There will also be an updated control scheme that’ll take advantage of a mouse and keyboard. And since this is a collection, you can expect to find every chapter and DLC ever released for the titles.

If you want a relaxing puzzle adventure, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition is one game you shouldn’t miss. This is especially true if you never played them via their original mobile versions. Be sure to check out the Steam release on July 12 to try it out yourself.

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