Paper Theater Day 4 Adeptus Ex guide

Genshin Impact Adeptus Ex Guide Paper Theater Day 4

Genshin Impact Adeptus Ex Guide Paper Theater Day 4

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Adeptus Ex is the Day 4 Paper Theater challenge in Genshin Impact. The tasks here are the most complex out of the bunch, so make sure you plan your moves right. Here’s our Genshin Impact Paper Theater Adeptus Ex guide to help you with this activity that’s part of Lantern Rite 2023.

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Genshin Impact Paper Theater Adeptus Ex guide (Lantern Rite 2023)

For Genshin Impact’s Adeptus Ex puzzles in the Paper Theater activity, we’ve labeled some of the movable slides based on their starting positions. Additional instructions we provide are based on whatever might be the new slides/landscapes in that spot once you’ve rearranged them accordingly. Do take note that the scenes here now include the key mechanic, where the figure has to pick up a key before the door could be unlocked.

Scene 1

Genshin Impact Adeptus Ex Guide Paper Theater Day 4 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Wait for the character to make it to the top-right slide. As soon as he bumps into the edge:
    • Move bottom-left to top-mid.
    • Move bottom-mid to bottom-left.
  • When the character crosses to the top-mid slide and before he falls:
    • Move top-mid to top-right.
    • Move top-right to bottom-mid.
  • The character will fall straight to the key and head to the door.

Scene 2

Genshin Impact Adeptus Ex Guide Paper Theater Day 4 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Wait for the figure to step on the plate in top-mid. When that occurs, move top-mid to bottom-right. Then, place top-mid (which should have the key now) to bottom-mid.
  • The next parts need to be done very quickly:
    • When the figure steps on the plate again, and he’s still in the bottom-right slide, move bottom-right to bottom-left.
    • The figure will hit the wall and change direction again. Before he falls down, move bottom-left to top-mid.
  • This will cause him to fall straight down the key in bottom-mid. As soon as he’s in bottom-mid, move that to top-mid. He’ll walk to the door.

Scene 3

Genpct V34 Lntev Pprd4 Adpt 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The third Adeptus Ex scene in Genshin Impact‘s Paper Theater activity has a slight tweak. Now, the key can also unlock a particular slide.

  • As soon as this scene starts, the character will step on the bottom-left plate. Swap bottom-left with top-left.
  • When the character reaches top-mid, swap top-left with bottom-mid. Once again, the character will step on the plate.
  • Then, the he’ll bump into the vase and change direction. Switch bottom-mid with bottom-left.
  • The character will walk to bottom-mid, which has a pit. When he enters the bottom-mid slide:
    • Move bottom-mid to top-left.
    • Move bototm-right (the vase and key) to bottom-left.
    • This will cause the figure to drop and pick up the key.
  • Make sure the figure is walking toward the left. Move bottom-left to bottom-right.
  • The figure will head to bottom-mid. Move bottom-mid to top-left. The figure should now be in the top-left side, and he’ll hit the wall to change direction.
  • Switch top-left (with the figure) to top-mid, and he’ll walk directly to the kid.

This completes all Genshin Impact Adeptus Ex scenes for the Paper Theater activity. That’s it, you’re done with all the challenges.

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