Parasomnia brings Lovecraftian horror from Dark Horse

Parasomnia brings Lovecraftian horror from Dark Horse

Twin worlds of cosmic horror and cyberpunk neon plague a man on the hunt for his missing son in Cullen Bunn and Andrea Mutti’s Parasomnia sequel.

The sleeper

Is Parasomnia all a dream? It’s hard to tell, though writer Cullen Bunn’s tale of horror and mystery definitely does take place in a dream world. Or two. What’s real though, isn’t clearly divided from what’s… fantasy?

“When working on the original series, it quickly became evident to me that two worlds couldn’t contain this story,” says Cullen Bunn.  “I love the 18th century horror/fantasy setting of our dream realm. But dreams change and change again. As the Dreaming God story kicks off, we’re showcasing the limitless potential of dreams and nightmares. This is a book that will play with your expectations. There’s no way (yet) to guess where this story will take you.”

Cullen Bunn

A sequel to the original Parasomnia tale, The Dreaming God picks up where that original left off. Though, as you can tell from the above quote, things are set to get a little crazier.

The world of the original has given way to a cyberpunk hellscape in the new series. Although is seems like the core narrative remains.

As the hunt for his missing son continues, our hero shifts worlds from the nightmarish Lovecraftian dreamscape to a cyberpunk metropolis where a ruthless cult continues to plague him, and reality and fantasy continue to blur.

Dark Horse Comics press release

Featuring the pencils of Andrea Multi, look for Parasomnia: The Dreaming God #1 on the racks this August the 17th.

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