Path of Exile 3.13 expansion release date revealed

Path of Exile 3.13 expansion release date revealed

Some of you may remember that a few months ago, Path of Exile became one of many casualties of the Cyberpunk 2077 release window. Just like The Medium and many others, developer Grinding Gear Games decided not to release the next expansion in December. Instead, the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion was pushed back to January, and it’s almost time to reveal it.

Mark your calendars for January 7, as a new Path of Exile livestream is coming your way on that date. Things will kick off at 2 PM ET on Thursday, with the livestream revolving around the next expansion. Grinding Gear Games says to expect new endgame content, a new challenge league, new items, skills, and more.

One surprise is that the expansion’s release date has already been revealed ahead of the stream. The 3.13 expansion will go live exactly one week after the livestream, January 15 at 2 PM ET. Between the two dates, the team will discuss the expansion in depth, including patch notes, launch day info and other small reveals.

Path of rewards

To coincide with the Twitch livestream, Grinding Gear Games is setting up a rewards program. Fans and streamers alike will be able to grab Path of Exile rewards for taking part in the livestream event. Twitch Drops will be enabled for any channel showcasing the 3.13 stream, and streamers who restream the broadcast will be able earn content from the developer.

It looks like there’ll be a positive knock-on effect from the delayed expansion too. At the time of delay, the team said that the expansion should still be wrapped up by its original December launch date. That means that in the weeks since, work has already begun on the next Path of Exile expansion. Expect a shorter wait time between 3.13 and the next expansion then, which is always good news by us.

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The Path of Exile 3.13 expansion launches January 15. The livestream goes live January 7 at 2 PM ET.

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