Path of Exile: Harvest – Everything you need to know

Path of Exile: Harvest – Everything you need to know

Path of Exile: Harvest, the hit, free-to-play ARPG’s upcoming expansion/league this June will have you “farmed” to the teeth with the Sacred Grove’s garden mechanics, as well as new unique items, boss battles, and means of crafting. While you’re growing your garden, you’ll also notice a ton of reworks to existing concepts such as Slam skills and Brand skills. Oh, and Path of Exile: Delirium‘s content will be going core, with a few caveats. Here’s everything you need to know.

Note: Please be reminded that the images and gameplay videos included herein are from a Path of Exile: Harvest preview build and may change accordingly.

Path Of Exile Harvest Preview Oshabi Sacred Grove Seeds Unique Items Skills 1

Path of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile‘s development, Harvest league mechanics, and crafting – Learn about the various features for the upcoming Harvest league, from cultivating and growing your garden to collecting seeds and taking out bosses. We also spoke with Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson about how the development process is being undertaken given the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New uniques and skills, passive tree reworks, and Delirium content – Of course, as with many Path of Exile expansions, there will be a lot of new, unique toys to play with. There are also those that have undergone quite a number of changes.

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