PAX Prime 2015: Fight! Brand new Street Fighter V screens and trailer bust out

Fresh from PAX Prime (or maybe before PAX Prime would be more accurate) are these screens and video of Street Fighter V’s Rainbow Mika in action vs Vega.

So. That’s quite a… cheeky finishing move there. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Of course, that was pro wrestler R.Mika in action, who I think we haven’t seen in a Street Fighter title since the Alpha series. And back then, she certainly wasn’t teamed with Nadeshiko, her in-ring tag team partner, who you see helping out from time to time in that trailer.

Mika looks just as ridiculous as she did back then too, with a rather daring (shall we say) outfit and some of the sillier moves that Street Fighter offers.

Still no release date for this one as of yet, but we do know that Street Fighter V is set to arrive as a PS4 console-exclusive, and will appear on the PC as well, some time in 2016.

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