PC streaming coming sometime soon to the PS4

The PlayStation 4 will be getting a dose of PC-streaming, according to Sony.

While you can stream games from your PS4 right now to your PS Vita, that’s where the ‘off TV’ options begin and end. Not for long though, as Sony has confirmed this week that the PS4 will join the Xbox One in being able to send a signal wirelessly to your PC, so you can game there.

As I know well from using the Xbox version of the feature, this opens up a world of possibilities for those who co-habitate with a spouse/significant other/family member/dog who doesn’t care much for video games and prefers to while away a few hours in front of the old boob tube. With PC streaming, this is no problem as they can enjoy their ‘shows’ while you game-on via your lappy or desktop. Strap on a pair of headphones and you can even share the living room with said TV-viewer comfortably.

While this is a much-appreciated feature, note that this addition isn’t coming with the update that’s due to arrive tomorrow for the PS4. With Sony saying that you should expect to see it “soon” though, you can probably bet on seeing it before too long.

Source: MCV

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