PCS’ awesome D&D Tiamat statue is ready for pre-order

PCS’ awesome D&D Tiamat statue is ready for pre-order

Dungeons & Dragons fans looking for a centerpiece to their collections might want to cast their gaze’s upon PCS’ latest, a massive Tiamat statue.

That’s a lotta dragon

D&D players of any length of time probably have at least some passing familiarity with this beast. A massive dragon, Tiamat is actually a god in both D&D’s universe and ancient real-world Sumerian mythos’.

And now she can be a big part of your own collection, thanks to PCS. The collectible and statue maker has a massive new piece heading into production. At at 28” tall, 31” wide, and 37.5” deep, it should fit the bill for anyone looking for a centerpiece.

Did I mention there’s a light-up deluxe edition?

Her five dragon heads are sculpted with detailed scales, snarling mouths full of fangs, and various horns to reflect their unique powers. The acid-breathing black dragon, poison-spraying green dragon, fire-breathing red dragon, lightning-spitting blue dragon, and frost-breathing white dragon are all ready to destroy the realms with their chaotic evil urges. The deluxe edition includes LED’s in the mouths of each head, color matched to their unique dragon’s breath type.

PCS press release

As you might imagine, with as much as this bad-girl has going on, she isn’t gonna be cheap. And no, she’s not. Tiamat is priced in at $1975 USD for the base edition, and $2140 for the deluxe.

Both have the same dimensions and base, and both are set to ship some time from November of this year, to January of 2023. Grab your pre-orders by hitting the links above.

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