Phase II

Star Wars to return to the High Republic with two new comics

Did you think that Dark Horse would be the only game in town for Star Wars comics? Marvel is back at it, with more High Republic action.

Phase II

Not too long ago we detailed a new anthology series from Dark Horse, called Hyperspace Stories. The publisher was the only game in town for Star Wars comics for ages if you’re unaware, and it was particularly interesting to see the license head back to there. Especially after being at Marvel for a few years.

Here’s the thing though, it’s not an exclusive arrangement. And that means that Marvel Comics will still be publishing stories from the Star Wars universe. In fact, they just announced two as a part of Star Wars Celebration.

Officially, this kicks off “Phase II” of the High Republic era, and it won’t be just restricted to Marvel. Phase II is a wide-arcing initiative, reminiscent of 90s Star Wars happenings like Shadows of the Empire. The idea is to build out a whole new, previously unexplored, era of Star Wars.

As for Marvel’s section of it, fans can look for both Star Wars: The High Republic and Star Wars: The High Republic – The Blade, both hitting this fall.

Launching in October, STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #1 will see writer Cavan Scott and artist Ario Anindito reunite after their mega successful run on volume 1. Set 150 years before Phase 1, Phase II of Star Wars: The High Republic will center around Jedha, a planet rich in its connection to the Force and the focus of every major faith in the galaxy. The new flagship STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC comic series will introduce Jedi Vildar Mac, who arrives as Jedha’s fragile peace begins to crumble and a nameless terror arrives…

Author of STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC: LIGHT OF THE JEDI and one of the chief architects behind the STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC storytelling initiative, writer Charles Soule will team up with artist Marco Castiello on STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC – THE BLADE #1. The four-issue limited series will explore the mysterious backstory of Porter Engle, the Jedi-turned-cook also known as the Blade of Bardotta.

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