Planet of Lana trailer revealed today at Summer Game Fest

Planet of Lana trailer revealed today at Summer Game Fest

Today’s Summer Game Fest had plenty of trailers for long-awaited games, but it had some brand new announcements as well. Several games made their debut today at Geoff Keighley’s E3 kick-off event. One of those games is the action-puzzler Planet of Lana.

The trailer starts off in a serene field, with a young girl and a black cat-like creature. It is unclear if the two know each other already, but regardless their connection is made very clear. The tranquil surroundings are soon disturbed by ships invading from the sky. Planet of Lana is being developed by Wishfully, a Swedish indie studio. It’ll be the company’s first title, and it’s already standing out from the pack.


The Planet of Lana trailer shows off the art style of the game which combines a hand-painted aesthetic with something you’d see in a Ghibli movie. Together, the girl and her friend will have to solve puzzles, traverse dangerous environments, and survive. The game’s official page is keen to point out though that this game is not about war or violence. Instead, it’s about the titular planet and the girl’s goal to return it to its once harmonious status with nature.

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Peace interrupted by danger

The enemies in the game are strange, spider-like drone robots. Since combat is clearly not the girl’s strong suit, she has to use stealth to move around enemies. The pair will also encounter giant monsters, some that even appear to be friendly. Or at the very least uncaring of your existence. The description on the YouTube page also states that the story of the game stretches “centuries and galaxies.” Whether that means the girl leaves her planet, or somehow hangs around for a very long time is unclear.

The Planet of Lana trailer does a great job of setting a mood for the game, with plenty of mystery to chew on. The game is currently slated for a 2022 release date.

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