Playing a leaked copy of Halo 4? Say ‘hi’ to the banhammer for us

October 16, 2012
News, Xbox 360


According to report circulating around today, Microsoft is banning modders with pirated copies of Halo 4 with extreme prejudice- permanent style.

The Xbox company isn’t playing around here. At. All.

According to the website MCV, an email has been shot out of Microsoft’s legal cannons at anyone who’s playing Halo 4 (right now) on a modified Xbox hooked up to Xbox Live. In short, it says that all Live access has been suspended and will not be reinstated for the offending party. And by ‘not be reinstated’, they mean ‘not be reinstated’. Permanent bans from Xbox Live not just for accounts, but also the actual consoles being used.

Don’t steal games kids, in the end it’s no fun for anybody.

Source: MCV

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