PlayStation 4 OS uses up 3.5 GB of ram

The PS4, originally thought to have 1gb gddr5 ram dedicated to OS out of a total of 8 gb now appears to use considerably more.

With 4.5 GB of ram capable of being used by developers for games, alongside Xbox One‘s and Wii U‘s ram limitations, it seems that once again PC gaming will be leaving console gaming behind in the technological dust. Still, it is at the very least marginally better than last generation, as the PlayStation 3 only had 256 mb of ram for games out of the total 512 ram. What should be noted though, is that there is apparently 512 mb of flexible ram that can be used for games, which allows for a little more leg room.

In layman’s terms what this all means is that developers won’t be able to pull off as much as we had originally thought on the PlayStation 4. What it also means is that the Wii U won’t be majorly outclassed by its competitors in terms of power.

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Though still the weakest of the three platforms, the gap being closer is good news for Nintendo. There were concerns echoed by some developers that porting certain games on the Wii U would be a difficult if not impossible task, less they gimped the game for the sake of porting it.

Source: Digital Foundry

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