Playstation 4 Will Cost over $1800 in Brazil

Sony’s announcement looks to have spelt bad news for consumers in Brazil currently anticipating the Playstation 4.

It was confirmed that upon release, the Playstation 4 is set to be sold at a retail price of R$3,999 in Brazil, which is the equivalent of $1,848 or £1,142. Games on the other hand, will be sold at R$179,  which is $82 or £51.

Just to put things into perspective, The Playstation 4 is set to release in the US at $399, in the UK £349, and €399 in Europe. The best chance of getting Sony’s latest console at a good price if you’re living in Brazil, would be to import one from the US, which would cost $800.

It’s not like this is the first time consoles have been sold at marked-up price in Brazil. Back when the Playstation 3 launched over there in 2010, it was sold at a retail price of R$1,999, that would be $924 or £571.

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Whether this is down to the tax laws in Brazil, or other purposes, I personally find it disgusting to see consoles being sold at such extortionate prices, especially when you take in to consideration that the cost of living is going up as well.

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