PlayStation Home passes into history today

We hope you enjoyed your stay in PS Home, because the PlayStation social network is officially offline for good as of today.

Home was one of those weird and wacky experiments in gaming that never really catch on with the masses, even though they’re successes for a while or with the niche crowd. You know the kind, like motion controls… and virtual reality (What? No?).

Working to break a mould and push yet another ‘social’ experience into the lives of PS3 gamers (because Facebook, Twitter and the like weren’t enough), Home actually did have a decent audience, and served as both a meet gin place for gamers in the digital domain and a sort of ad platform for Sony.

On the surface, it actually sounded like a pretty cool idea too, but it never really took off as a function that anyone just couldn’t live without, and sort of became a non-issue long before today- when it officially ceased to exist. I guess that being relegated to the PS3 only didn’t exactly help either, as the service never made the jump to the PS4, or the Vita for that matter.

Sony announced that they would be pulling the plug on Home last year, and the mini-games, ‘apartments’, and interactivity between last-gen gamers did indeed cease as of today, April 1st. Another nail in the coffin of the PS3/Xbox 360 era.

Source: MCV

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