Pop Culture Shock holds extremely non-scary Halloween sale

It’s billed as a Halloween sale, but there’s nothing scary about the sale going on at statue-maker Pop Culture Shock right now.

Pop goes the sale

Halloween sales might not be too regular of a thing, but then again, Pop Culture Shock isn’t your run of the mill company. The statue-maker has been around for a while now, and continuously manages to pump out some of the coolest looking stuff around.

Their Street Fighter, Masters of the Universe, and Mortal Combat stuff is all pretty amazing. Not that that’s all they make, there are also statues based on Robocop, Batman, and more.

The current sale though, isn’t on everything. Some of the very coolest stuff though, is included, and a it’s on a very solid discount. The company is offering 31% off all of its in-stock Warehouse Gems.

All you have to do is click here to go to the sale item page, then add code Halloween201731P at the checkout. And you might want to check that page even if you’re a frequent visitor. PCS says that they’ve added some fresh stuff to the Gems section. So it could be very worth your while.

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Just click fast. The sale comes to a close on November 1st.

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