Portal 2.5: The Entropy Centre releases

Portal 2.5: The Entropy Centre releases

Players starved for more first-person puzzling action have their prayers for more answered by the Entropy Centre, the latest game from Playstack London (who, hopefully, can learn to count to three).

The player (apparently the last surviving human—no pressure) explores the remains of the Entropy Centre, a moon-based installation responsible for rewinding time in order to save the world from various catastrophes. Aided by Astra, a (hopefully) friendly and chipper AI, you’ll solve puzzles in order to gain the energy necessary to save the world from the latest—and worst—disaster to strike.

It promises plenty of science gun-based puzzles, in addition to fending off unfriendly robots. Time is the key tool, just as portals were for the obvious inspiration of Portal. Hopefully the cheeky personality of Astra, as well as a protagonist who is capable of speech, will provide enough personality for players skeptical of a game appearing to be too derivative of one of the greatest games ever made.

The Entropy Centre releases on PC, Playstation, and Xbox November 3rd.

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