Possible concept art for a canceled Batman game surfaces online

Possible concept art for a canceled Batman game surfaces online

Batman has shown his face in countless video games throughout the years, so it should come as no surprise that at least one planned Batman-related project ended up not coming to fruition. Just recently, artist Goran Bukvic brought up one such canceled Batman game in a post on ArtStation, where he shared five concept images that he drew for the project. In the post, Bukvic clarified that he did not draw the concept images for the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, and that the aforementioned Batman game got the axe “a long time ago.”

These five concept images feature varying depictions of the Caped Crusader. Arguably, the first two images in the post stand out as the most striking, as they show Batman with a thick beard and grizzled appearance. On the other hand, the next two images depict a more edgy take on the hero, as he dons a more mechanical suit that features a red bat symbol as well as a red-eyed mask. In contrast, the final image shows Batman in a more traditional suit. Although, details like the shadows over his eyes still give the character a melancholy edge.


What was this canceled game?

Bukvic shared little to no information on what this canceled Batman game would have entailed, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation. The Batman Arkham Videos Twitter account, for instance, suggested that the images may represent “early designs of Damian’s and Bruce Wayne’s Batman suits from WB Games Montreal’s cancelled sequel to Arkham Knight.”

Whatever this canceled Batman game may have been, the concept images suggest that it could have explored the character in a variety of interesting ways. Ideally, a future Batman project of some kind could take inspiration from these images and fully explore their ideas.

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