Postal 4 gets gigantic content update with “Thursday”

Postal 4 gets gigantic content update with “Thursday”

There is a ton of new stuff hitting for Running With Scissors’ Postal 4: No Regerts today, including new missions, weapons, and more.

Well, maybe a few regerts

Have you been playing Postal 4: No Regerts on Steam’s Early Access platform? If you have, then you’ve been playing your way through one of the most insane PC titles in a while. Ready for it to get considerably weirder? Yes, Postal 4 is getting a dose of brand new content, and lots of it.

It’s all included in an update called “Thursday”, which sets players to task with loads of new stuff to do. Included is a new adventure that plays off of Twin Peaks-ish themes called the Dark Lodge. But that’s not all, as there’s also one that finds The Postal Dude in the employ of a crime boss. On top of those, there’s just a ton of new activities that’ve been added to the game’s open-world.

Those include both a casino district and an amusement park to wreak havoc in. Of course, there are a few new weapons thrown in for good measure, and some quality of life upgrades. Subtitles are now available, as well as an “aim-down-sights” option, and a waypoint system.

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Lots to like in this one if you’re a fan of the way-out series, and it’s available now for those who are owners of the base title. Check it out in action in the trailer below.

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