Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid hits version 2.0

New fighters and a fresh Megazord, new arenas, a story mode, and lots more have been added to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid since launch.

Go, Go… to version 2.0

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid didn’t launch all that long ago. It only hit consoles and the PC last March, so it’s been out for less than a year.

But nevertheless, developer nWay has been improving the fighting game all along. Now we find ourselves at a full version 2.0, with plenty more than this Battle started with. As the press release points out, there’s quite a difference, with the current version being almost a totally new experience.

In all, Battle for the Grid started with:

  • 9 playable characters
  • 6 arenas
  • 3 Megazords (Ultras)
  • Only online PvP

Granted, that ain’t much. But even without a glut of content, the game had a terrific look that captured the property well, and got some decent word of mouth.

Now with 2 seasons of content behind it though, it’s gotten significantly deeper. Power Rangers now features:

  • 9 more playable characters
  • 3 new arenas
  • 1 new Megazord (Ultras)
  • Story Mode
  • Voiceover by original cast
  • Crossplay and cross-progression across PS4, Switch, Xbox, and PC
  • Direct Match & Online Lobbies
  • Season One and Season Two content

Now available for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will run you $19.99 USD.

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