PowerPros 2013 World Baseball Classic slides onto mobiles

Konami’s PowerPro 2013 World Baseball Classic is now available for fans of international hardball.

The 201 edition of the publisher’s cartoony baseball sim is now available on mobiles and features the World Baseball Classic. Now in its third year of competition, the WBC is the only official global baseball championship recognized by the IBAF and has grown pretty quickly since its creation. The ‘league’ now boasts representatives from 28 regions of the world.

PowerPros 2013 might look cute, but it actually features a bunch of actual players from many of the teams in the game and 3D gameplay that’s specially formulated for a touchscreen interface.

It’s also one of the only baseball titles that I can think of off the top of my head for iOS. Actually… it might be the only baseball title on iOS. I’m not overly familiar with what Google Play has to offer in terms of the sport or why the dearth of digital offerings is the case but PowerPros will definitely scratch that hardball itch if you’re out and about and feel the need to hit the field.

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Konami’s PowerPros 2013 World Baseball Classic is available now in the App Store and on Google Play.


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