Predator and Back to the Future grace the covers of next month’s Previews

December 16, 2015
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The comic shop bible that is Previews will have a pair of classic franchises-turned-comics on the covers next month, showcasing both Predator and Back to the Future.

Landing on shop shelves on December the 29th, the January issue of Previews magalog comes up with cover imagery featuring a pair of fan-favorite franchises in Dark Horse Comics’ Predator and the new to comics Back to the Future book from IDW.

  • ON OUR FRONT COVER: Marty McFly is back with the time traveling DeLorean as IDW Publishing’s best-selling Back to the Future becomes an ongoing series.
  • ON OUR BACK COVER: The sci-fi horror franchises of 20th Century Fox return in a new cross franchise event that kicks off with the new Predator: Life and Death mini-series.

Aside from the premiers of the two main comics on the covers, Previews also promises that there’ll be new features to enjoy for 2016, as well as the full list of all the free comics you can nab on Free Comic Book Day 2016, so let to like for fans here.

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