Preview: Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem

Dark Horse Comics takes readers back to WWII for a tale of magic and mysticism in the midst of the Nazi occupation.

The creator behind one of the premier vampire tales of the modern age, 30 Days of Night, is back with a new story set during the darkest days of World War 2. Steve Niles’ Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem takes the mythical title beast and builds a tale of war, tragedy and innocence lost around him.

From the looks of the special preview (click the image to the left) it looks like there’ll be a fair amount of the big guy kicking some posterior mixed in there too.

While Niles is handling the script, it’ll be Dave Wachter taking up the pencils and crafting the imagery for this Tale of the Golem. But let me stop talking, because Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem is looking mighty fine, so click and enjoy.

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