Preview: Harbinger #0 The Omega Age Begins

Joshua Dysart and the art team of Mico Suayan and Pere Perez tell the origin story and rise to power of the biggest baddie in the Valiant U – Toyo Harada.

Harada and his Harbinger Foundation are the top threats in the Valiant Universe and the zero issue of Harbinger will spell out just how the puppet master made the world his own.

Long ago, in the aftermath of history’s first atomic holocaust, Toyo Harada discovered a vision for the perfect future – one that he has vowed to realize with or without the consent of the human race. With a private army of hyper-telekinetics at his side, this omega-powered harbinger of humanity’s potential has spent decades reshaping the world to conform to his will. Now here, for the very first time, witness the origin and rise to power of this malevolent mind that would destroy the Valiant Universe rather than see it slip through his fingers.

I’d say that Harbinger has been one of the better titles in the Valiant Comics relaunch, but they’re honestly all pretty darned good. The company has returned with a force of great books (without overkilling their audience) and Harbinger #0 is being touted as a great jumping on point for lagging readers who haven’t gotten into Valiant as of yet.

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And if that describes you, I suggest you correct that oversight.

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