Preview: Harbinger #11

The Renegades head towards Sin City as the Harbinger Wars heat up.

Before the Harbinger Foundation, before Project Rising Spirit, Toyo Harada spent decades circling the globe, recruiting empowered individuals to his cause with coercion, intimidation and influence. But how is one deal brokered in secret between Harada and Rising Sprit Securities forty years ago now wreaking havoc in the modern day? And, meanwhile, how will Peter Stanchek and the rest of Harada’s most wanted react to the revelation of Rising Spirit’s secret mission and the Harbinger hunter known as Bloodshot?

Harbinger Wars, if you haven’t been paying attention, is Valiant Comics’ first big crossover event and pairs the deadly merc Bloodshot with the super-powered youths of the Harbinger series. One of the bigger questions more than likely will be wether the Renegades and Bloodshot can coexist in order to battle the converging (and not very nice) forces of Project Rising Spirit (who created ‘Shot) and the Harbinger Foundation (who hunt down and use super-humans for their own ends).

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Harbinger #11 also represents a great jumping on point for readers who haven’t been picking up the book as it’s a fresh story arch and ties right into Harbinger Wars, which is probably the biggest event in the Valiant U since its relaunch.

Look for Harbinger #11 to hit stands one week after Harbinger Wars #1 – on April 10th. It’ll be coming at you from the creative team of Joshua Dysart and artists Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine.

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