Preview: Harbinger #9 | Brutal Gamer

Harbinger #9 drops this week, or should we say ‘rises’? The issue focuses on the lighthearted (not to mention floating) Zephyr and her time at the Harbinger Foundation.

Nothing can bring her down. She’s the light in the dark. The soul of a rising resistance movement. Here now, for the first time, is the story of Zephyr (aka Faith…but shhh don’t tell anyone)! As danger closes in on all sides, Faith must begin the trials and tribulations of being the Valiant Universe’s first real-life superhero. Look, up in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s frakkin’ Zephyr!

Aside from Zephyr’s origin story, Harbinger #9 also brings the penultimate chapter of the ‘Renegades’ story arc and sets up the explosive finale. If you’ve been reading Harbinger, then you don’t want to miss this one.

Valiant Comics’ Harbinger #9 hits stands tomorrow from Joshua Dysart, with art by Pere Perez, and cover by Mico Suayan. There’s also a variant cover (which is our feature image) by Khari Evans so collectors will want to be on the lookout for that one as well.

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