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The ‘zero’ issue of Valiant Comics’ supernatural Shadowman showcases the tales of Shadowmen past, as they guard against the constant threat of the necromancer known as Master Darque.

For hundreds of years, the Shadowmen have guarded our world from the nightmare realm known as the Deadside and its sadistic necromancer, Master Darque. But who is Master Darque? And what is the root of his otherworldly evil?

Now, for the first time anywhere, the answer to these questions and more will finally be revealed. Journey back to the plantations of antebellum Louisiana to meet the man once called Nicodemo Darque and discover how a depraved life drenched in dust, blood, and bone transformed him into a menace that would one day threaten the whole of the Valiant Universe and all life as we know it.

Zero issues are always a great place for new readers to get started on a book and this one is doing it up in style. Shadowman #0 comes to life through the talents of writer Justin Jordan and an amazing cast of artists that the publisher has assembled for the issue. Expect to see the work of Roberto De La Torre (Daredevil), Mico Suayan (Harbinger), Neil Edwards (Fantastic Four) and Lewis LaRosa (PunisherMAX) all represented in the book.

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Needless to say, this is probably one that Shadowman fans and those looking to get into the book shouldn’t miss out on. Make sure you get yours when Shadowman #0 hits stands on May 1st.

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