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March 19, 2013
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With Master Darque’s power and influence on the rise, can Shadowman stop the tide of the rising dead?

As Master Darque devises his escape from the Deadside, his earthly minions in the Brethren crime syndicate are shoring up their ranks and preparing the city for the second coming of their dark sovereign. Their operations, however, have drawn the attention of a mysterious, pistol-wielding assassin, who has been retaliating against the Brethren on behalf of a long-forgotten New Orleans deity named Baron Samedi, lord of the dead — a deity that Master Darque has just paid a visit in the Deadside…

With a new storyline in ‘Darque Reckoning’ just starting up and new additions to the cast with Dr. Mirage and Baron Samedi making fresh intros, Shadowman is ramping up towards something very big indeed. The sixth issue of the book continues the new arch and looks like a pretty solid jumping on point, so you might want to dig in now if you haven’t already. (and you might want to pick up the other five issues too, they’re well worth it.

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Shadowman #6 hits stands on April 3rd.

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