Preview: Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot #6

December 6, 2012
Comics, News


Trapped in a military base, Valiant Comics’ number one badboy Bloodshot takes on a team of assassins called Chainsaw as ‘The Rise and Fall’ starts up and kicks the action into high gear.

Bloodshot has penetrated Project Rising Spirit’s secret headquarters and now there’s no turning back. Pursued from room to room by the proto-Bloodshot team of super-soldiers known as Chainsaw, Bloodshot is about to pay the price for his incursion – and face down his own brutal legacy in the Valiant Universe. He may have made it inside the most heavily fortified building on Earth…but Chainsaw are going to make sure he never makes it out.

Bloodshot #6 goes on sale on December 12th from the team of Duane Swierczynski and Manuel Garcia.

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