Preview: X-O MANOWAR #12 – Planet Death

Billed by Valiant Comics as a major turning point in the Valiant Universe, X-O MANOWAR #12 amps up the action and brings Aric (X-O himself) face to face with his enemies on their home turf- the planet Loam.

Aric of Dacia has taken his one-man war to the Vine’s homeworld, Loam, and is using their own X-O Manowar armor to wage it. Finding an ally in the unlikeliest of places, Aric is about to discover that his mission to reduce Loam to ash will come with the highest price imaginable. Past, present, and future are about to collide, and if Aric isn’t careful, he will be the common thread that undoes them all.

X-O has been maybe the most savage ‘superhero’ title to hit the market over the last year or so. It’s had the feel of a sci-fi epic since the character relaunched last year and really hasn’t disappointed yet. Planet Death is an absolutely massive event and the biggest story arch to hit X-O MANOWAR since the book launched. Issue 2 (which is X-O #12) is set to amp things up and lead into the second half of the storyline.

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With Planet Death, Harbinger Wars, and the big events in both Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong going on right now, it’s quite a time for the Valiant Universe. Everything seems to be leading into something very, very big… Fasten your seat belts and don’t miss X-O MANOWAR #12 when it hits stands on April 17th.

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