PS4 ‘Share’ button can be disabled by devs

The much talked about ‘Share’ feature on Sony’s incoming PS3 successor can be disabled at certain times by developers says the company.

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios’ president, recently told website that the feature, which allows sharing (hence the name) in game moments, can be blocked by developers. The point? To keep users from sharing everything- especially pivotal moments in games.

Reportedly, the move to allow occasional blocking of the anticipated feature is all because Yoshida himself is a huge fan of Dark Souls. He believes that a big part of the uber-hard game are its secrets and that basically the sharing function of the PS4 might spoil some games too much.

He went on to cite the PS Vita’s own screen capture option that can be turned off during specific moments of games to keep things like a final boss encounters secret for players.

Personally, I’ve never used the screencap feature on my Vita and I barely use the Miiverse on my Wii U (another feature that allows gamers to share info), so I don’t think I’ll probably be making the PS4’s share feature all that big a part of my game time down the road.

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Still, while this move definitely does make sense from a developer standpoint, I have to wonder about Sony limiting a feature that they were touting at their PS4 briefing a few months back.

Source: MCV

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