Psychonauts 2 Now Fully Funded

With 5 days left in its fig campaign, Double Fine Productions’ Psychonaut’s sequel is finally funded and rearing to go.

After successful crowdfunding campaigns with games like Broken Age and Massive Chalice, the independent developers at Double Fine once more turned to its fans to fund its new project- and once more found success.  Psychonauts 2, sequel to character-driven action-platformer (and cult darling) Psychonauts, has scrounged up over 3.3 million dollars, meeting its goal (so far in excess of 23 thousand dollars), thanks to over twenty thousand backers.

All further funding will go to “making the game better, bigger, and shinier,” so it’s not too late to give aide- or nab those new backer-exclusive wallpapers.

Between this and games like Yooka-Laylee, it’s definitely a great time to be a 3D platforming fan!

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