PUBG Season 8 delivers new Sanhok, Loot Truck, and patch notes

PUBG Season 8 delivers new Sanhok, Loot Truck, and patch notes

Just one day after it previewed the new Sanhok, PUBG Corp. has revealed the full patch notes for Season 8. The new season for the battle royale brings a lot of changes to Sanhok, a new vehicle in the form of a Loot Truck, a new Survivor Pass, and a whole lot more. But there’s no sign of the decoy grenade from the preview video. PUBG update 8.1, which is essentially Season 8 and the new Sanhok, is on the Test Server now and will be coming to live servers on July 22.

PUBG Sanhok update

Sanhok has had 13 of its named locations updated or changed. Most notable among the updated areas are the hot drop Bootcamp, Quarry, the Docks, Ruins, and Cave. Bootcamp looks a lot cleaner and has had some remodeling done to the buildings. Quarry now has multiple tiers and numerous routes through it – like rope bridges. The Docks has become one of Sanhoks liveliest areas – it’s now called Getaway and, as the sign says, it’s a party zone. Next, the Cave has been excavated and now features an entire building underground. As for Ruins, it’s gone way up.

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There have been changes to a few other popular locations. Bahn has buildings now. The river seems to have dried up a bit; it’s a lot narrower. The mountain top has sprouted some new buildings – hopefully, they come with more loot. And Mongnai has been plowed and transformed into a new area called Airfield.

Other than updates to the map, PUBG Corp. has added the Panzerfaust to Sanhok and removed C4.

All aboard the Loot Truck

The Loot Truck is like an ice cream van, but instead of ice cream, you get weapons. And instead of paying with cash, you pay by shooting it with bullets. Loot Trucks will spawn at set garages around Sanhok and then drive along the roads of the island. Dealing damage will cause the trucks to drop loot. Destroying the vehicle will score you the motherlode.

But firing at a Loot Truck is going to give away your position and draw the attention of enemy players. As with all good loot spots in PUBG, it’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

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Pubg Loot Truck

Up to four Loot Trucks will spawn at the start of a match. When a truck is destroyed, a new one will spawn from the garage. Up to eight Loot Trucks can be spawned per game.

Those are the major updates coming with PUBG Season 8. You can check out the complete patch notes to see all the changes, which include performance updates, weather changes, cosmetics, ranked changes, and (as always with PUBG) bug fixes.

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