Quantum and Woody Must Die #4 brings doom for the duo this week

Do Quantum and Woody bite the big one in the last issue of they latest limited series? You’ll find out this week.

A conspiracy is exposed! Plotters are thwarted! Would-be assassins get thoroughly trounced! Is there anything Quantum and Woody CAN’T do? But as the brothers settle into a steady rhythm, they discover the hard way that their lives will never be the same again. Not least because… UH-OHHHHH, THE GOAAAAAAT!!

Oh that damned goat, of course he’d be the end of the world’s worst super-team. Or not. You know, this is Quantum and Woody we’re talking about here and the duo seem to have just about as many lives as your average cat. Actually, maybe more, as these goofballs have survived against impossible odds more than once- and all while barely able to get out of each others way.

Valiant is labeling this one with a bold ‘R.I.P. Quantum and Woody’ headline, but something tells me that this is far from the last that fans will see of either hero (?). And more than likely, we’ll be seeing plenty more of that goat as well.

Quantum and Woody Must Die #4 of 4 hits stands this week, on April 29th, from the talented team of writer James Asmus and artist Steve Lieber. As usual too, there are a few variant covers for you to choose from, should you be able to locate them. Look for work from both Mike Hawthorne and Sina Grace while you’re grabbing your books for the week this Wednesday.

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