Quantum & Woody #2 (comics) Preview

June 26, 2013
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The un-dynamic duo are on the run from the cops, the bad guys and pretty much everybody else as the origin of Quantum & Woody continues.

Eric and Woody Henderson have accidentally blown up their father’s life’s work – and themselves along with it! Now, as their bizarre new superpowers begin to manifest, will they be able to outmaneuver the squad of trigger-happy cops that think Eric and Woody are to blame for their dad’s murder? Plus! The mysterious cabal targeting our heroes only gets creepier. Seriously, it’s like an iceberg of creepy. Only 10 percent is showing! And Quantum and Woody are about to crash right the %[email protected] into it!

To say that James Asmus and Tom Fowler’s Quantum & Woody revamp is highly anticipated is probably a monster of an understatement. The irreverent superhero book was a favorite of fans in Valiant’s original universe and it hasn’t lost any of its shine with fans judging by the clamor for it. So far, it’s sounding like a real winner too with a terrific mix of action and comedy- two very important elements in a Q&W tale.

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See what all the hype’s about when Quantum & Woody #1 launches this July the 10th, followed by the second issue of the brand new ongoing series on August 7th.

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