Rage of the Red Lanterns comes to Infinite Crisis

Get ready for Atrocitus in Turbine’s DC Comics’ MOBA.

Bent on all-out war, Atrocitus leads an army of Red Lanterns.

Before the Green Lantern Corp existed, the Guardians of the Universe used robotic Manhunters to keep the peace. But a programming flaw caused them to slay trillions. Atrocitus and four other survivors became the Five Inversions, fanatics who were in time routed and imprisoned by the Guardians. Atrocitus, however, managed to escape. He murdered a fellow Inversion using a red lantern, creating the first Red Power Ring. Armed with the raw force of rage made manifest, his war on the Guardians began anew.

Able to isolate his enemy, Atrocitus thrills in picking a fight and shrugging off damage.

Pretty easily one of the most popular newish characters in the DCU, Atrocitus is all about anger and pure, unbridled rage. His entire corps, now actually led by Guy Gardner in the comics, is based not he emotion. Currently dedicated to punishing the guilty of the cosmos, the Red Lantersns are a force to be reckoned with- even Atrocitus’ cat Dex-Starr.

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As a fit for a game like Infinite Crisis, he’s a pretty easy fit. Atrocitus is a tank, pure and simple. Able to absorb large amounts of damage while dishing out more than enough of his own onto his enemies, this is one big bad Lantern you wouldn’t want to run into… pretty much anywhere. Atrocitus officially smashes into Infinite Crisis on June 11th.

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