Rayman Legends demo available now on XBLA and PSN

Ray-fans can try out Ubisoft’s upcoming Rayman Legends today on Live and the PSN.

The demo includes three levels overall and a taste of the game’s Invasion mode, which brings a little competitive action to the Rayman universe.

The legendary demo of Rayman Legends will feature three different levels from across the Rayman universe as well as a look into the competitive Invasion Mode. Playable maps include Teensies in Trouble and A Toad Story, along with their Invasion Mode counterpart level, and a fan-favourite musical map themed to the song ‘Black Betty.’ The demo will also include access to the Gallery of Heroes where players can swap costumes of their character, and various trailers for the game.

Gloo Gloo, which is the musical level you see in the video above, isn’t included in the demo, but gives you a good idea of just how varied the gameplay is in Rayman Legends- of course if you played the previous entry in the series, Rayman Origins, then you were well aware of that already.

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Rayman Legends hits retail on August 30th in the UK and September 3rd in the US for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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