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The Marvel Universe’ s favorite NYC paper, The Daily Bugle will get its own miniseries in January. It set to center on Spidey, Kingpin, and a big secret.

Read all about it

While it might not be as big a part of Spider-Man lore as it’s been traditionally, The Daily Bugle is still an important Marvel tradition. Now it’s finally getting its due.

The paper will star in a new 5 issue miniseries from Marvel that’s set to debut at the top of the year. While J. Jonah Jameson is missing from the synopsis, the book will feature longtime staffer (and current Bugle honcho) Robbie Robertson.

Robbie is onto a big story it seems, one that includes Spider-Man and the Kingpin of Crime himself.

The journalist must speak truth to power—whether or not it’s wielded responsibly. Helmed by Peter Parker’s mentor, Robbie Robertson, the Daily Bugle staff is at last chasing stories that matter. And in a city under Mayor Wilson Fisk, keeping the public informed is as essential as it is dangerous. Weaving between events in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and DAREDEVIL, Mat Johnson (Hellblazer Special: Papa MidniteIncognegroLoving Day) and Mack Chater (BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW,Briggs Land) are following a lead into Kingpin and Spider-Man’s past that will change the way you look at the webslinger now, and as his story continues.

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From writer Mat Johnson and artist Mack Chater, Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #1 (of 5) will hit stands in January.

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