Ready for retail, solo-developed FPS Dread Templar is out now

Trailer: Dread Templar gets a new look, and full retail release this month

This one kind of slipped by us, but one of the most promising Early Access FPS’ is officially final. Dread Templar is out now and ready to rock on PC.

Don’t dread this one

Steam’s Early Access program has been a pretty great testing ground for games over the years. It’s allowed titles to grow and complete the dev cycle, while allowing fans the opportunity to play said games way earlier than ever before. Kind of a win-win.

Sometimes too, it plays host to a gem in the making, and that seems to be the case with retro(ish) FPS Dread Templar. Developed by a team of one over three years, the game is a loaded romp through a demon-infested hellscape.

Fast and unforgiving, Dread Templar looks like it might be just the thing for those who miss the glory days of the genre.

Players will embark upon a quest for bloody vengeance, blasting their way through hordes of diverse demonic enemies across multiple, distinct, unique campaign environments – from the dark realm of hell to frozen pirate ships – all brought to life by a detailed, retro, pixel-art visuals, supercharged by a head-banging original soundtrack.

Fulqrum Publishing press release

All told, the final version of Dread Templar is a beast. The game offers up some 100+ skills and upgrades, as well as over 10 weapons to wield. You’ll need those too, as there’s a bestiary with over 20 enemy types along with 9 bosses to smite.

The full game is out right now, playable via Steam, GOG, and Epic.

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