Real-time heroics set for Spider-Man: Life Story

What would the life of Spider-Man look like played out in real-time? That’s the premise of Marvel’s new Life Story mini-series.

Life and times

Unlike in the real world, time doesn’t really move in the world of superhero comics. Decades of comics are usually translated into only one of our years, maybe two. It’s one of the reasons that we see “reboots” and retcons from time to time across comic universes.

You simply have to correct the time at some point in these stories. And that includes sometimes completely deleting real-world events that have been worked into stories. It dates the subject matter too much.

But what if you didn’t? What if a superhero story aged in real-time, and went with the flow. What if it had a beginning, middle, and (decisive) end? That’s the premise behind the non-canon mini-series Spider-Man: Life Story.

Join acclaimed writer Chip Zdarsky (Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel 2-In-One) and superstar Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley (Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man) for SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY – a tale encompassing the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against the key events of each decade! As the series kicks off in March, the year is 1966, and Peter Parker must determine where his power and responsibility truly lies as the nation becomes embroiled in the Vietnam War.

Marvel press release

Spider-Man: Life Story #1 opens things up for the series next year.

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