Realistic racing game Gear.Club coming to Nintendo Switch

Sure, the Switch has a few racing games on it already, but none of them star actual cars from Earth. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Gear.Club Unlimited might be for you.

Start your engines

Not bad! Microïds and Eden Games might not be household names, but Gear.Club Unlimited looks pretty sharp.

The racer stars real cars, which is something that no other driving game on the Switch does. Just what companies those cars will be from however, is still a mystery. That’s right alongside the modes that Gear.Club Unlimited will boast – those haven’t been announced either.

What do we know? The game will, according to the press release, require gamers to “to demonstrate a strong competitive spirit during frantic races to win championships and set the fastest lap times, alone or against their friends!” It also seems like there’ll be a fair deal of customization that can be done to your ride, “from body to engine”.

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So hopefully, all of that translates to a pretty well-rounded racer. At this point anyway, it seems to already have some nice looks to it. Add in a few modes, the custom features, and a solid online suite, and this one could be a champ.

Expect Gear.Club Unlimited to hit the Switch this Holiday.

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