Redfall gets new gameplay trailer, May release date

Redfall gameplay trailer release date

Fans have waited a long time for this moment, but we finally got a release date for the upcoming open-world co-op FPS game, Redfall. This shooter, with a shade of spooky vampires looming over the game, will launch on Xbox and PC later this year. To celebrate this bloodsucking game’s upcoming release, the Arkane Austin team released over 10 minutes of gameplay in a new trailer during today’s Developer_Direct showcase.

In Redfall, you’re tasked with taking on a number of missions in this open world, taking down vicious vampires and super bosses to make the world a little less dangerous. You’ll live out your vampire-hunting dreams, killing these undead ghouls while solving the mystery of how they came to be in the first place. This is perhaps not a very pro-vampire plot (sorry to any Twilight fans out there), but there’s at least a lot of juicy ultraviolence to be had.

Redfall release date is sneaking up from the shadows

The gameplay trailer showed off much of the first-person shooter gameplay, including the co-op mode that you to party up with up to three other players. You’ll be able to choose your own path as you progress throughout the island, ending the vampires that are threatening humanity. The game lets you pick between a number of different characters to play as, each with a tree of unique skills and weapons that you can upgrade.

You can experience all of the action on May 2, the new official release date for Redfall. Pre-order Redfall or play on the Xbox Game Pass, and you’ll receive a Vampire Hunter Pack. This includes a new exclusive weapon, the Grim Tide Shotgun, increasing your damage by 20% after killing an enemy. You’ll also get a Polar Vortex weapon skin and Blood Ravager Stake attachment to help you progress through the game. Check out the Redfall gameplay trailer below.

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