Relaxing island life sim Tchia gets delayed to 2023, but has a new trailer

Tchia Delayed New Trailer Ocean Exploration Featured Image

Indie developer Awaceb confirmed that Tchia has been delayed. The announcement was posted on the developer’s official Twitter. It was previously given a 2022 release window, but this has now been pushed backed to early 2023. Awaceb states that the reason for this decision is that it wants to deliver the “best game [it] possibly can.”

Those looking forward to Tchia shouldn’t feel too disheartened, though. The delay isn’t the only major piece of news Awaceb dropped. There is also a new trailer for Tchia that shows off the ocean exploration aspect of the game. You’ll be able to sail around on a raft, dive into the ocean to find useful items, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


Awaceb’s upcoming sandbox game is set on a tropical island inspired by New Caledonia. It was first revealed at The Game Awards 2020 and has been in development for over three years. Tchia promises to be a relaxing island sandbox with an open world with plenty to discover.

Some fans may be upset at Tchia‘s delay, but delays usually happen for a good reason. Games that aren’t delayed are often released with a lack of features, polish, and bugs galore. Plenty of popular releases like Battlefield 2042 and No Man’s Sky are proof of that.

And those games are AAA titles with large studios backing them. In contrast, the team behind Tchia is a small indie studio consisting of less than 20 employees. Rushing out such an ambitious project with a team that small is a recipe for disaster. It may be frustrating, but delaying the game seems to be the correct call.

In the meantime…

If you are interested in Tchia and can’t handle the wait, there are a handful of games that might help to satisfy you until next year. Although there’s nothing exactly like Tchia, some worthy recommendations include Subnautica, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, and Submerged Hidden Depths.

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